יום שני, 15 בפברואר 2010

Oh lord would you buy me a serger bentz

I'm so sad didn't get to sewing my other new ideas for the contest so I'll only post this 3. But my sketch book is full of new ways to play with Ashley from LIL BLUE BOO patterns. I also have Shoog's Purim costume to make only 2 weeks to go but I know it will be done the very night before the party at her preschool. And my sister is still waiting for her apron. It's sad but right now I'm hording T-shirts and fun knit fabrics it's an adiction...

The first one ...

tie dye experement .

And my last one is made from 2 t-shirts and a knit I steciled again with one of shoog's

if you'll look closely you will see her sun glasses match her shirt. lady gaga...

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