יום שבת, 5 בספטמבר 2009

Tutorial heart and initial fabric mobile

you will need

Scraps of fabric about 7" by 8"

Stuffing material (polyfill)

Satin Ribbon

Draw a heart and your initial, you can print it and transfer to the back of the fabric

Cut the fabric; leave a 1/4" allowance.

Set the hearts right facing each other.

Insert the ribbon between the fabric- one long ribbon at the top of the heart and a shorter one for the bottom. Fold the ribbon inside the heart.

Sew all the way around with 1/4" seam and leave an opening to insert the stuffing.

Trim the fabric around and turn right side out.

With the letter I inserted the ribbon with the heart folded tightly. Sew around leaving an opening a bit wider so you can take the heart through it when turning right side out.

Trim the fabric and pull the fabric with heart right side out.

Fill the heart and the initial with stuffing. for the letter use small amounts of stuffing each time to shape it inside the fabric.

Slipstitch the gap closed.

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