יום שלישי, 4 באוגוסט 2009

sending gifts

I have to say those were two and a half hectic days. I needed to do this kind of big project for a new be like me in just a few days because my mother in law was about to fly over to NY to visit her daughter and lovely 3 granddaughters. And I really wanted to make them something. The start was this great idea I saw on TV on how to bling your flip flops so I made one for mom Limor and her tow older girls and of course I thought it would be great to put each per of shoes in a tote bag made by me. And for the youngest who's only a day apart from my baby Abi. I wanted to make a birthday outfit with overall and a tutu and I added a tank top with her initials. So I'm sorry my sweet child that I was a bit jumpy and kept on sewing all day. Now that it's done I promise you its all fun with a trip on a train and a day with me and grandma and your aunt Maya. So here are pics I took.

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